Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Real Post

Hello Blog World! I can't believe my family has finally gotten me to this point in my life! Teaching this "old" dog some new tricks has been a little more than challenging, for all of us!

(Oh, maybe not this "old" dog, but you get the idea!)       Since I woke this morning with several "blog post" ideas, I decided that today was the day I officially start! However, I am not going to use the ideas that woke me up, instead, I'll say that I am looking forward to this new generation of "journal" writing as I have been a longtime recorder of my life's adventures! I started in grade school with the little book that came with a key, so I could keep my little 7th grade secrets away from my sister. And then, high school and college, I transitioned to spiral notebooks and finally, as a wife and mom, I moved to hard bound books. My life's history is scattered in so many "places" that it will take my kids months to figure out their mom's stories, after I have gone to my "rest! I have missed major blocks of time, as I have been busy raising a family, working a full time, paid job and dedicating my service to the church so there will be places that my kids can just fill in nice things about their mom, as they retell my life history to their kids!
  In any case, I am kind of excited to throw my random thoughts out there and believe me, they are getting more random with each birthday that passes!!
    So Blog World, Here I Come!!

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