Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And the Home Improvement Project Began.......
Among all the many reasons why I love this man, his home improvements skills have to be at the TOP of my list! Through at least 30 of our 36 years together, his creative "talents" have kept my life in one perpetual remodel project after another! And though I always love the end result, LIVING through it is always the challenge! Thus, this seemly small project, in comparison to his usual standard, has taken a good month to complete, almost. A side note here: Almost means....trim and final detail work is not neccessary until its time to sell the house!

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Yesterday was my day to help complete the project. I am the official painter, of which I really do enjoy doing. There is some immediate satisfaction in changing the color or sprucing up something as large as a wall. So, with my music blasting, a few little unseen dance steps thrown in, ( glad Jade wasn't around with that blasted camera of hers!) I managed to paint the new walls, ceiling and throw up a new coat down the hallway. I was quite pleased with my work.

However...just when I thought my work was done, my good husband tells me that "we" should really complete the project by going down the stairwell, too! YIKES! We have a two-story stairwell! So its off to Lowes this morning for a few more paint supplies. I love my job as Assistant to the Home Improvement King!


  1. Hurray! I am glad it is done. . . . mostly!

  2. You are my favorite DIY painter... Thanks for being my partner in these adventures for these many years!

    By-the-way, you are always way too concerned about the trim!