Sunday, July 8, 2012

Its me again...

Its me again....

I haven't written in several months now. I really have to be in the right mood to write my thoughts. I have lots of thoughts but they usually come to me at a time when I can't write or don't have the time.
I have had many happy experiences since my last writing. I have been filled with great joy and great sadness. Time has passed and I feel that I have lost something. Maybe its just the passing of time that makes one think more quiet thoughts that aren't always happy ones. I'll see if I can explain better.
I was privileged to be present for the birth of another grandchild. Just the birthing process itself is an amazing act of God. And to be lucky enough to be blessed with 9 grandchildren is beyond words. Watching my grown children go through these experiences is a touch of immortality for me. A very small part of me will live for another generation. Hopefully, it will be whatever "good" parts I have to give that will continue into eternity.
There also comes a point in your life where you or me, as the "mom" has to really step back from the children. That process hasn't really been that hard for me, as I have watched my kids grow into wonderful, thoughtful, caring adults. They are making good choices and really don't NEED my opinion anymore. I just want them to still "like" me, especially when I'm old and crazy.
Secondly....I came home from New Jersey with the wonderful news of my oldest daughter's the love of her life. I have always told her that God was saving someone special and she needed to be patient. We are preparing for her wedding now and to see the transformation in her face and countenance is breathtaking to me. She has been my "miracle" child and her happiness is certainly my happiness.

I think I will leave the "sad" issues of my life alone for now. I am grateful to have a job this summer and that everyone is coming home for the wedding. Those are my blessings and I thank God everyday for them. Going to bed now....long working day tomorrow.....good night....

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  1. thank you mom. I didn't even know you had written on your blog. Its been awhile since I have looked at my own. You need to post it on facebook. So people can come and read your beautiful words. It brought tears to my eyes. I love you beyond words. thank you for all you have done for me and do for me on a daily basis.